Define Success

Part of effective decision-making includes defining – in advance – what success looks like to the student and the family. Maybe it is a place on the basketball team or a research opportunity. Or it could be a generous scholarship or an acceptance from an elite school. The dreams vary and so should the definitions of success.

When Amy’s eldest daughter went through the college frenzy, Amy carried an index card around with her goal for the college selection process (Amy is a bit over the top with her love of goals and lists). It helped everyone stay focused, during what is inherently a confusing time. Amy’s goal was to help her daughter find a college where she could thrive, grow, and become a confident adult working in a field she loved.  She did, and that’s our hope for all of our Smart College Selection students.

Part of how we define success at Smart College Selection is by how effectively we help students and parents explore schools and programs that they would be unlikely to have learned about on their own. To see a list of schools where our students have been accepted, see 'Acceptances.'