About Amy


Amy McVeigh is the founder of Smart College Selection, and a Smart College Selection Consultant.

With an MBA from Harvard, I spent more than two decades running a performance consulting firm, working with clients including HUMMER, Ford, La-Z-Boy, Chrysler, and Saturn, predominantly in the sales, marketing, and training areas. I have also had corporate positions in finance, public relations, sales, marketing, and communication at Fortune 100 companies.

I’m a problem solver, an organizer, a writer, a learner, an author, a mom, and a huge fan of teenagers. When I returned to the U.S. after living in China at the same time my youngest child went to university, I realized that what had been an avocation needed to become my vocation. For years, I’d been an informal consultant to countless young people – we’d talk hopes and fears, careers and colleges, and plans and contingencies. And I loved it.

So now I guide teenagers and their parents through the college decision-making process. It’s a different kind of consulting, but my clients benefit from my informed and structured approach. The best part? I have teenagers in my world again, dreaming and scheming.

When I started this business, I had no idea the tremendous demand there would be for full-time, comprehensive, informed, and caring guidance through the college selection process. Because of this, I am carefully and slowly bringing on additional consultants to be able to serve more families.

My own educational journey has been diverse. I earned a certificate in college counseling from the University of California at Los Angeles, an MBA from Harvard, and a degree in public relations from Boston University.  I frequently attend conferences, workshops, and webinars and visit colleges to build my knowledge. I assist in the college counseling office of the International School of Indiana and am a scholarship reader for the Boone County Foundation.

I am a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and one of the few members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) in Indiana and Michigan named as a Professional Member. I am also a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) and its Michigan and Indiana chapters, and was honored to be asked to write the introduction to NACAC's Guide to International University Admission, and serve as one of its overall editors. I also work with the University of California – Berkeley, developing its college counseling curriculum for high school counselors and independent educational consultants, and teaching courses. 

I live with my husband in Zionsville, Indiana, and travel frequently to Michigan to meet with clients.  My clients are mostly in Indiana and Michigan, though I work very effectively with students long-distance via Skype, email, and text. 

I have two adult daughters who bring great joy, new recipes, and fun adventures into my world.  In my free time, I run, play tennis, sail, and travel.