Clients find Smart College Selection in a variety of ways – a school counselor or a test preparation specialist recommends us, parents find us through an internet search, or they meet Amy or Kate around town. But the vast majority of clients are referred to Smart College Selection by one of our raving current or previous client families.

Our son is a very independent thinker and decision maker, so my husband and I were apprehensive about the whole college selection and application process. We were not looking forward to the inevitable arguing and stress. Amy’s approach allowed our family to discuss all of our ideas and goals and we were able to set reasonable guidelines to begin his search. We all felt heard and respected.

Amy was there every step of the way. She was easily available via text or email and would quickly reply if any of us had a question. I can’t thank Amy enough for her guidance and have already recommended her to several friends.
— BB, Parent in Zionsville, IN
We hired Kate from Smart College Selection this past summer. My husband and I believe that her service was worth every dollar. Our daughter is an excellent student and a strong writer so we initially did not feel the necessity to hire a consultant to help with the application process. However, it was extremely beneficial to have Kate and Kathryn (our daughter) working together.

The results paid off. Kathryn was accepted to all the schools with merit aid from the private universities, except for one school which she has been deferred. Kate not only brought us positive results but made the whole process go smoothly.

Plus, she is fun, upbeat and always pleasant. I would give Kate a 5 star rating and would use her again when my son has to go through the process.
— SW, Parent in Pleasant Ridge MI
The college application workshop was an invaluable tool for collecting, organizing and preparing all needed information, narrowing down college selections, and completing essay writing. Not only was Amy a wealth of information, she had the wonderful gift of being able to motivate, encourage, and bring out the best in my daughter as she completed all of her applications. The entire process was enjoyable and stress-free.

I would highly recommend Amy and I know that my daughter would not hesitate to use her as a resource in the future!
— SK, Parent in Carmel, IN
With so many choices, visits, tests and essays the process can seem overwhelming for both parents and the student. With Amy’s direction and passion, she led our daughter through an insightful journey to find the best fit for her.
— ES & SS, Parents in Carmel, IN
Thanks again for your help with the college selection process. It’s been great to be the mom still nagging him about cleaning his room rather than the one nagging about his room and college essays and deadlines!
— KP, Parent in Bloomfield, MI
Amy was incredibly helpful in getting my daughter organized and keeping her on task throughout the college application process. She read her essays and made constructive edits, gave her advice, and kept her on track for all due dates. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone starting the college planning process.”
— RF, Parent in Birmingham, MI
Using Amy’s services saves me time, decreases the stress levels at our house, and increases our confidence that we are on the right track. I feel like I have another person on my parenting team. My son, who was initially hesitant to get involved with a college selection consultant, talks to Amy at length, in person, or via Skype. He now loves that he has his own college coach.
— AD, Parent in Beverly Hills, MI
Amy’s knowledge and experience has given our daughter more opportunity than I would have ever dreamed. She has challenged us all to think bigger and has helped us succeed. As I talk with our daughter’s classmates and their parents I have come to realize just how much Amy has brought to our family and the selection process and how much more prepared we feel compared to others.

Our daughter will in upcoming months confidently select a university that will be best for her. We as parents will know that the search she did was right for her and have the confidence that she will be prepared to succeed as a result.

My husband summed it up like this, “if you were buying a house you would not do an inspection, right?” Amy has helped us do the inspection on colleges.
— MD, Parent in Midland MI
Amy was a great source of support, knowledge, resources, and guidance as I applied to medical school. She helped me get into my first choice school at the beginning of interview season. I was able cancel the rest of my scheduled interviews and relax knowing I was accepted to my dream medical school!

Amy is knowledgeable, organized, responsive, available, and could not have been kinder. She made the whole process less stressful and more enjoyable.
— JG, Michigan State University Medical School Student
As a transfer student, I needed help with deciding which schools fit me best and I needed help in crafting the essays required for those schools. Ms. McVeigh kept in frequent contact with me via phone, Skype, and email, and helped me construct several essays that I was proud of.

I had a 100% acceptance rate on my transfer applications. I owe many thanks to Ms. McVeigh; I don’t know if the admissions offices would have made the same decisions without her help.
— CM, Student at UNC - Chapel Hill